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• This is a high quality guard for large lathe chucks made using quality materials ensuring strength, durability and visibility.

• The PTO 04 protects the operator from the rotating chuck lathe and contains the lubricant-coolant and swarf.

• It is highly adjustable and can be attached to the rear or the front of the machine.

• We can tailor make brackets, mounts and modify guard if required.

• It comes with a semicircular shield which is divided into two sections, allowing for front only or full opening.

• It comes complete with double safety micro switch conforming to EN 1088.

• We can guarantee that it will not disrupt the operators workflow and maintains maximum safety at all times.

• This guard is CE marked, conforms to P.U.W.E.R (1998) and comes with a certificate of conformity. 

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  1. Anchorage and support structure of the shield, adjustable in the X-Y axes
  2. Safety microswitches of the two shield opening systems n.2 NC contacts
  3. As above
  4. Adjustable structure to support the shield on the lathe head
  5. Shield made of aliminium sheet and profiles, completely overturnable
  6. Front section of the shield designed for frequent openings during working operations


PTO 04/080 800300400165-3755-12017, 1
PTO 04/100 1000350500265-4755-7019,7
PTO 04/120 1200350600365-5755-7021,7
  • Estimated delivery on this item 1-2 weeks from order

  • Pallet and packaging £80.00 (UK mainland only)

  • Please contact us for a quote for all deliveries outside of mainland UK
  • **We also accept telephone orders - all major credit & debit cards accepted**

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