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Sponmech Safety Systems manufacture and supply a large range of Milling Machine Guards to suit virtually all types and sizes of conventional and CNC milling machines both horizontal & vertical including Bridgeport, XYZ, Huron, Cincinnati, Adcock & Shipley, Parkson & BSA. They are fitted with electrical interlock systems.

• The PFR 40 protects operator from direct contact with rotating spindle components protruding debris and lubricant-coolant from machine.

• Guard attaches to the perimeter of the machine table(see point 1 on Diagram).

• Guard comes with two sliding doors made using top quality polycarbonate, which are set on polythene "skates" enabling full opening.

• Cut outs can be easily made in polythene to allow room for a vice to be fitted.

•The Door screens are made using top quality polycarbonate ensuring "Shock proof" resistance and excellent visibility.

• Comes complete with double safety micro switch conforming to EN 1088. The micro switch will stop the machine from operating when the guard is in the open position.

• We can guarantee our "Next generation" standard guards do not disrupt the operators workflow whilst maintaining maximum safety at all times.

• All "Next Generation" Machine guards are in conformance with P.U.W.E.R (1998) and come with a certificate of conformity.

**We also accept telephone orders - all major credit & debit cards accepted**

  1.  Angular anchorage stirrups in pressed steel
  2. Perimeter structure in aliminium profile
  3. Safety microswitches with separated actuator - n.2 NC contacts
  4. Removeable lateral panels - in plastic shockproof and oil-resistant material
  5. Front panels in plastic shockproof and oil-resistant material


PFR 40/545 1000450350150020,0
PFR 40/650 1200500400180024,0
PFR 40/755 1400550450210028,0
PFR 40/860 1600600500240032,0
  • Estimated delivery on this item 1-2 weeks
  • Packing & pallet delivery £80.00 (UK mainland only)
  • **We also accept telephone orders - all major credit & debit cards accepted**

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