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Sponmech Safety Systems manufacture and supply a large range of Milling Machine Guards to suit virtually all types and sizes of conventional and CNC milling machines both horizontal & vertical including Bridgeport, XYZ, Huron, Cincinnati, Adcock & Shipley, Parkson & BSA. They are fitted with electrical interlock systems.


• It's multi-adjustable features enables complete all round protection to the operator whatever the task at hand.

• The PFR 02 is highly recommended and commonly used to guard Bridgeport Milling Machines.

• Comes with wide visibility screen, made using top quality polycarbonate ensuring resistance to high impact and excellent visibility.

• Comes with tubular steel levelling mounting bracket which can be modified if required.

• The PFR 02 protects the operator from contact with rotating components and protruding debris and coolant.

• The mounting arm allows the screen to be depth and height adjustable.

• The PFR 02 has a dual opening system allowing the guard to either be lifted up or swung to the side when access to machine is required.

• Comes complete with double safety micro switch conforming to EN 1088. The micro switch will stop the machine from operating when the guard is in the open position.

• We can guarantee our "Next generation" standard guards do not disrupt the operators workflow whilst maintaining maximum safety at all times.

• All "Next Generation" Machine guards are in conformance with P.U.W.E.R (1998) and come with a certificate of conformity.

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  1. Levelling anchorage stirrup in tubular steel
  2. Depth adjustable safety guard support
  3. Safety microswitch main boxes 180 degree rotation n. 2 NC contacts
  4. Horizontal adjustment clamp
  5. Articulated arms in rubber steel
  6. Rubbing articulation with friction disc
  7. Angular junction for the vertical turnover of the shield
  8. Shield opening unlocking knob
  9. Shield structure in aluminium profile
  10. Shield in plastic shockproof and oil resistant material

PFR 02/730 72530020043010,9
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  • Postage and packaging £20.00 (UK mainland only)
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  • **We also accept telephone orders - all major credit & debit cards accepted**

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