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• Ideal for use with Lathes but also can be used on other machines. Particularly strong, adjustable and reliable.

• Depending on what purpose it is installed for, it can be used to enable a “Stop - Start” system,which is ideal for simple stopping and starting,




• It can be used to enable an “emergency” stop system for unexpected or dangerous operations.

• Available with single microswitch, (assembled on the Left box and, if necessary, shifted on the Right) or with double microswitch both conforming to EN 1088.

• Item designed to be mounted near the ground for being operated with feet (typical emergency function), or in raised position.

• Equipped with adjustment of microswitch action

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  1. Adjustable angular anchorage stirrups - in pressed steel
  2. Main boxes, equipped with one or two safety microswitches - n. 2 NC contacts
  3. Spiral springs for the bar recall in resting position
  4. Connection bar - in tubular stainless steel
  5. Clamps for adjustment of manoeuvre bar
  6. Manoeuvre bar - in tubular aluminium

PBS 01/080 8002505,3
PBS 01/120 12002506,0
PBS 02/080 8002505,3
PBS 02/120 12002506,0
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  • Postage and packaging £20.00 (UK mainland only)

  • Please contact us for a quote for all deliveries outside of mainland UK
  • **We also accept telephone orders - all major credit & debit cards accepted**

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