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Sponmech Safety Systems Ltd manufacture, supply and install a comprehensive range of grinding machine guards to suit virtually all types and sizes of cylindrical, tool & surface grinding machines including Jones & Shipman, Elliot & Churchill. These are available with or without electrical interlock systems. Specially designed/bespoke grinding machine guards are also available.

• This Universal rubbing articulated arms guard is ideal for surface Grinders and we have had excellent operator feedback for this item.

• The PBF 10 protects operator from direct contact with dangerous parts.

• It attaches to the front of the machine and can moved in any direction.

• The guard is practical and immediately adjustable, designed specifically for frequent changes of operation.

• Guard is easy to install and operator friendly.

• Comes equipped with a wide visibility reversible shield, made out of top quality polycarbonate ensuring maximum resistance.

• All "Next Generation" Machine guards are in conformance with P.U.W.E.R (1998) regulations and come with a certificate of conformity.


**We also accept telephone orders - all major credit & debit cards accepted**

  1. Angular anchorage stirrup in pressed steel
  2. Articulated arms in tubular steel
  3. Rubbing articulation with friction disc
  4. Angular junction for vertical turnover of the shield
  5. Main box with 180 degree rotation and safety microswitch with n.2 NC contacts
  6. Shield-opening release knob
  7. Shield structure in aliminium profile
  8. Shield in plastic shockproof and oil resistant material 

PBF 10/350 3503005,5
PBF 10/435 4003505,8
  • Estimated delivery on this item 1-2 weeks
  • Postage and packaging £20.00 (UK mainland only)
  • Please contact us for a quote for all deliveries outside of mainland UK

  • **We also accept telephone orders - all major credit & debit cards accepted**

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