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Safety guard with telescopic shield and vertical adjustment, extremely versatile for the protection of the spindle and of the working tool. Equipped with 180° rotation and safety microswitch.

Protects the operator from direct frontal contact with rotating components of the spindle, of the tool and from projection of shavings and lubricant-coolant. The main feature is the telescopic shield, vertically adjustable (refer to dimensions “B” and “C”) and positionable along arm 3.
The shield opens laterally with 180° rotary movement, allowing easy access for operations of tool change. The stirrup allows a solid anchorage at the drill structure. Complete with pre-wired safety microswitch.

1. Anchorage stirrup - in pressed steel.

2. Self-bearing main box with integrated microswitch - 180° rotation n. 2 NC contacts. 

3. Shield support vertical arm - in steel hexagon.

4. Adjustment knob for arm-shield assembly with respect to the microswitch main box.

5. Adjustment shield knob with respect to the support arm.

6. Semi-octagonal polycarbonate front shield.

7. "C" shaped rear shield. 

PTR 05/180 172180180-3001142303.7
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