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Case Studies

Sponmech's Acoustic Enclosure for major Water Brand

Sponmech Safety Systems have designed, manufactured & installed an Acoustic Enclosure for well known water brand Harrogate Spring Water.

The 78mm thick noise reducing enclosure is designed and built to BS EN ISO 15667:2000 Noise Control by Enclosures and Cabins and is fully HSE compliant. The enclosure was expertly powder coated at Sponmech in our own painting unit, to the customer's colour choice. 

The soundproof enclosure was built to surround noisy compressors and our customer was thrilled with the outcome of the noise reduction.

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Webster and Bennet example
8 years ago 11.03.14

This is an example of Sponmech machine tool guarding of the highest quality.


'No More Noise' Stainless Steel Enclosure
8 years ago 06.05.14

Before - Producing unbearable noise. Special design Acoustic Enclosure required.

After - Now down to 80 decibels. Manufactured in stainless steel for off shore installation.


January 2015: Our latest bespoke Acoustic Enclosure
7 years ago 05.01.15

Sponmech Safety Systems are proud to share the news of their latest bespoke Acoustic Enclosure. This custom-made acoustic enclosure surrounds a Strongdale Engineering robotic router system which is to ... READ MORE