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Sponmech Safety Fencing at SULZER's new factory, UK

Sponmech Safety Fencing at SULZER's new factory, UK

SULZER UK's brand new factory showcases Sponmech's Access Safety Fencing and Guardian range of safety protection.

Sulzer have been in Birmingham City centre for 100 years. The electro and mechanical repair specialists have now transformed their production facilities with a move to super new premises at Birmingham Business Park, near to BHX Airport. 

Sponmech Safety Systems Limited were chosen as the preffered supplier to provide specialist safety guarding cells for balance testing, rewinds and machine tool protection.

Product and storage facilities were also segregated with warehouse safety fencing and loading gates.

Access Safety Fencing


1620 high, 30x30 box section panels with 40x40x3 welded mesh chosen for strength with 60x60 meta fast fitting posts. Special sliding double doors. 

Guardian Perimeter Safety Fencing

Special 2500 high balancer enclosure with 2.0mm sheet steel protection. CNC punched pattern of holes to stop smallest potential ejected part. 

Storage Safety

Access safety fencing with special Sponmech up and over pallet loading safety gate.

This safety guarding project was installed in February and subsequent orders are now in place.

Sulzer aim to provide increased productivity and minimise downtime for their customers whilst enhancing their overall competitiveness. 

Sponmech are very pleased to have helped Sulzer remain in Birmingham and wish them all the best. Here's to the next 100 years!


Webster and Bennet example
8 years ago 11.03.14

This is an example of Sponmech machine tool guarding of the highest quality.


'No More Noise' Stainless Steel Enclosure
8 years ago 06.05.14

Before - Producing unbearable noise. Special design Acoustic Enclosure required.

After - Now down to 80 decibels. Manufactured in stainless steel for off shore installation.


January 2015: Our latest bespoke Acoustic Enclosure
7 years ago 05.01.15

Sponmech Safety Systems are proud to share the news of their latest bespoke Acoustic Enclosure. This custom-made acoustic enclosure surrounds a Strongdale Engineering robotic router system which is to ... READ MORE