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Educational Segregation Safety Fencing

Low level segregation fencing for education settings


Low level safety fencing, installed in many educational settings in the UK by Sponmech Safety Systems Ltd.  

Here’s some recent examples our low level segregational safety fencing installed in an educational setting. We do lots of this type of work in particular for colleges and universities with engineering departments where people and processes need to be separated safely. 

Students and personnel alike who are based in an engineering workshop during education can be exposed to a number of safety hazzards. To keep everybody safe and to section off certain areas, our safety fencing is ideal. 

A physical barrier between hazards and operators is an effective, low-tech solution for significantly reducing the risk of injury and the costly lawsuits or machine downtime that result from these accidents.

Our safety fencing is made to measure and we have an installation team who work UK-wide. Colleges and Universities we have worked at include the following areas: Cambridge, Oxford, London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol and more. 

Technical Specifications

Low level safety fencing and emergency escape doors with pushbar. 

40x40 mesh, Jansen section panels. 

Designed to BS EN ISO 14120:2015 Safety of Machinery - Guards - Design & Construction of Fixed and Moveable Guards. 

Powder coat finished in ANY RAL colour to customer's request. 



Webster and Bennet example
8 years ago 11.03.14

This is an example of Sponmech machine tool guarding of the highest quality.


'No More Noise' Stainless Steel Enclosure
8 years ago 06.05.14

Before - Producing unbearable noise. Special design Acoustic Enclosure required.

After - Now down to 80 decibels. Manufactured in stainless steel for off shore installation.


January 2015: Our latest bespoke Acoustic Enclosure
7 years ago 05.01.15

Sponmech Safety Systems are proud to share the news of their latest bespoke Acoustic Enclosure. This custom-made acoustic enclosure surrounds a Strongdale Engineering robotic router system which is to ... READ MORE