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UK manufacturers of Machine Guards for ANY type of machine. We design all of our safety systems in accordance with all relevant BS EN standards. We can also work to a customer's own design...

  • Sponmech design, manufacture and install PUWER 98 machine guards.
  • Sponmech make and install machine guards for lathes, milling machines and drills.
  • We are experts in machine safety and machine safety compliance.
  • We can carry out PUWER assessments on all types of Machine Tools and Equipment.
  • Sponmech have built machine guards for broaching machines, hobbing machines, saws, plainers and machining centres.
  • Sponmech design and manufacture machine guards and safety equipment to a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and logistic projects. 
  • Our machine guards have been installed in many major UK factories, schools and universities. 
  • We offer nation-wide delivery and installation on all items.
  • Sponmech can provide protection and guarding to any type of machine.
  • Please take a look at some examples of our machine guards to the right of this page.
  • We have designed machine guards for drill presses, electrical discharge machining, centre lathes and gear shapers. 
  • If a bespoke approach to your machine is required, Sponmech also manufacture made-to-measure machine guards tailored to suit your industrial safety needs. Click here to find out more about Bespoke Machine Guards.
  • Our website is updated very regularly and our latest machinery guarding projects are showcased in the 'Images' section of this page.
  • If you would like complimentary safety advise or if you would like to arrange a site survey, call 0121 585 8730 and ask for David Sheppard in sales.  

Milling Machine Guards

As part of their “Next Generation” Standard Machine Guard range, Sponmench supply machine guards for a variety of milling machines including horizontal slide, adjustable and universal mills. Protecting the operator at all times from airborne cuttings and coolant, these shock proof guards provide excellent visibility and double safety micro switches for automatic shutoff.

The milling machine safety guard range includes:

  • PFR 02 (Multi Adjustable Mill Guard)
  • PER 01 (Universal Mill Guard)
  • PFR 10 (For Horizontal Slide Mills)
  • PFR 30 (Milling Machine Table Guard)
  • PFR 40 (Milling Machine Table Guard)

Lathe Guards

Sponmech design and manufacture a variety of guards for lathe machines with the optimum security of the operator always as the focus. Sponmech ensure their products provide protection to the operator from the rotating chuck, coolant spray and protruding swarf waste. Our lathe guards come complete with automatic shut off safety micro switches conforming to EN 1088 standards.

Made from materials including polycarbonate and stainless steel, the lathe guards are designed for easy access to the machine tools through various brackets, mounts and attaching options.

The Lathe Machine guards range includes:

  • Lathe Chuck Guards
  • Large Sliding Lathe Guards
  • Lathe Carriage Guards
  • Lathe Leadscrew Guards
  • Lathe Safety Bar

Drill Guards

Sponmech supply various Drill guards for all different types of drill. The PTR drill range protects the operator from direct contact with rotating components and the projection of debris and coolant. All of our drill machine guards are of supreme quality, offer maximum protection and will make your machine comply with PUWER 98 regulations. These quality drilling machine guards will compliment your machine and ensure productivity is not infringed upon.

The Drill Guard range includes:

  • PTR 02 (Guard for Drills and Radial Drills)
  • PTR 04 (Guard for Medium-Small Drills)
  • PTR 20 (Radial Drill Safety Guard)
  • PTR 10 & 11 (Guards for Drills and similar machines)

Grinder Machine Guards

Sponmech provide a wide range of Grinder Guards including Universal Grinders and Surface Grinder Guards. All of our Grinding Machine Guards are compliant with P.U.W.E.R 98 and offer full protection to the operator without causing a hinderance on production. Click here to see the full range. 

Slotting Machine Guards

Sponmech manufacture and supply slotting machine guards. To view the full range click here

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