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A new tool for sanding and refining bars for conventional lathes, with automatic movement of the abrasive belt, designed in accordance with ISO 23125 6.2.1. P (prohibition to use hands for work execution), which replaces, with maximum safety, the same dangerous operation usually performed by hands. The device is fixed to the existing tool case turret of lathe and, it’s particular shape, with three different opening position of the anterior arms of support, allows to sand bars of different diameters. Thanks to the tension springs the belt always adheres in the best way. The perfect efficiency of the abrasive part of the sanding belt is guaranteed by an automatic sliding system (Patented) which exploits the rotating movement of the piece worked. The device is available in two sizes of 25 and 50 mm with different grit.

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Pos.     A         B         Belt

1          130      300      25x762

2          170      295      25x762

3          220      240      25x762


Pos.     A         B         Belt

1          210      325      50x915

2          230      315      50x915

   3          270      305      50x915


SBH A10 Automatic Sanding Belt Holder
SBH A20 Automatic Sanding Belt Holder
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  • **We also accept telephone orders - all major credit & debit cards accepted**

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